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Our company Nassislift based in Ioannina and responsible Nassis Panagiotis with 35 years of experience in the field of elevator guarantees an excellent result in the design, installation, maintenance and renovation of the elevator of your home or business.

Our successful course over the years has filled us with a sense of responsibility towards the thousands of customers who trust us every day for their quality and safe transportation as well as the need for development of our services to offer the best solutions for installation, renovation and maintenance of elevators.

With branded and certified materials from the largest elevator companies.

Study & Design

of Lifts


People Lifts

  • Υδραυλικοί ανελκυστήρες με ή   χωρίς μηχανοστάσιο
  • Μηχανοκίνητοι ανελκυστήρες με μηχανοστάσιο

Lifts for large loads - cars

The load lifts that we install are characterized by high strength and high rigidity and can fully meet your requirements in any building project for lifting small – large or very large loads. The Freight Lift has all the safety systems required by the regulations for people to ride.

Cargo - food lifts

Small and large load lifts have a wide range of applications such as transporting objects and food.

They are suitable for installation in restaurants, bars, warehouses and wherever else security, flexibility and speed are required. The payload varies according to the requirements of the project, with <u> </u> operating speed 0.15 m / s.

Lifts for people with disabilities (stairs - ramps)

People with Special Needs (PWDs) need special attention. This elevator has many similarities with a simple elevator only that it has some additional features in the construction, for the convenience of People with special needs in movement.

For this reason, height differences should be avoided when studying buildings and outdoor spaces at any level. If this is not possible, then one of the following mechanical lifting systems with the correct specifications as presented below must be selected:

  • People lift (which also serves the disabled)
  • Ladder lift
  • PWDs Platform
  • Open and closed type vertical movement elevator

Elevator cabins

Wide range of elevator cabins, with quality and guarantee!

Button Panels (COP, LOP)

Electrical Panels

Elevator Doors




The safety and proper operation and long life of the elevator always depend on the quality of installation.

The design and execution of the installation is always done according to the needs of the elevator, adapting the requirements based on the construction, the regulations of each building.

We undertake any kind of elevator and lifting machine as complex as it is (buildings for which there is no space for an elevator, without engine room or shaft, shaft with low ends) depending on the use of space and always with the cooperation of the customer, setting always aimed at the satisfaction and safety of the people who use it.

We guarantee the safety of the elevator by complying with all standards 81.20 and 81.50 and the safety rules required by the European installation directive.

We offer a multi-year warranty for the elevators we install, provided you are maintained by our workshop.

The installation department in combination with the design and study department of the company examines in detail the needs of each project, no matter how complex it is, and offers you the most reliable and economical solutions.

The materials used during the installation are certified and have the CE mark, of excellent quality, with our suppliers the largest and most reliable houses of elevators.

A multi-year warranty is provided for the installation of any type of elevator. Continuous customer information before and after each installation phase is an integral part of our priorities. Our ultimate goal is the customer satisfaction that will result from the final and perfect installation of the elevator, delivering a project that meets its respective requirements.

Maintenance - Technical Support

Regular elevator maintenance is a very important process ensuring the correct, smooth and safe operation of the users.

We always work consistently with the many years of experience of our technicians, the high level of know-how is the guarantee to meet your every need.

It is important to know that regular maintenance increases the life cycle of the elevator and avoids unnecessary costs from unnecessary damage.

Do not neglect and do not avoid for financial reasons the maintenance of your elevator. This puts you and your family at risk and there is a risk of accident. Lack of regular maintenance may result in higher cost damage.

Data solution
Using the software of Data Solution , WinLift Next for the computerization of our company and for the online connection of our workshops with our office, we provide you with immediate service and complete monitoring of your elevator, proving the high quality of our services.

Modernization - Upgrade

European Directive 95/19 / EC requires the upgrade of old lifts to issue or re-issue their operating licenses.

The upgrade of the old elevators is necessary (partial or total replacement) in order for them to be upgraded – harmonized according to the new standards of European and international legislation.

We are always with you to help you upgrade the elevator in the best possible way whether it concerns safety components, mechanical parts or the aesthetics of the installation, but above all we achieve the best possible way of proper operation and safety of the elevator.


The certification of the operation of the elevator is essentially the proof of safety for the use of the elevator.

We work with independent accredited certification bodies for the issuance of the certificate, in the case of a new elevator or for the renewal of the certificate in a pre-existing elevator.

They certify that all the safety provisions of your elevator are met and any deficiencies and deviations from the applicable regulations are confirmed in order to be restored.

All lifts must be certified and even re-inspected periodically to ensure the required level of safety and reduce the risk of accident.



  • Alexios Hotel - Ioannina

  • Byzantio Hotel - Ioannina

  • A.A.R.

  • Nantin Hotel Ioannina

  • The Lake Hotel - Ioannina

  • Koutsamani ``Oak Aroma`` (Metsovo)

  • Kasaros (Metsovo)

  • Elati

  • Siarava traditional accommodation

  • Diamantis Hotel Despotiko - Ioannina

Commercial Buildings

  • Xilotechniki

  • Poultry of Ioannina SA

  • Stavrakis

  • Olympion Ioannina - Center for Recovery and Rehabilitation

  • Center of Traditional Crafts of Ioannina

  • Mills of Ioannina ``The New Martyr Saint George``

  • Museum of Silversmithing